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May 6, 2011 / katelynb

My “Before Baby To Do List” + What Will Our Baby Look Like?

Now keep in mind all things on this list are completely optional:

1. Pedicure (this is at the top of my list for a very good reason!)

2. Scrub out the Bath Tub

3. Murphy’s Oil Soap the Wood Floors on the Main Level and the Cabinets in the Kitchen

4. Wipe Out and Organize the Linen Closet

5. A Really, Really Thorough Cleaning of The Kids Room Upstairs

6. Remove Ratty Old Front Storm Door and Throw it to the Curb

7. Finish Jute-ing My Big Lamp

8. Set up Pack and Play in the Living Room, Complete with tiny Diapers and Baby Blankets

9.  Find Another Glider Rocker for the Main Floor or move the one We Have Downstairs.

10. 2 Hour Teeth Whitening Strips for Me (They are said to Last 3 months!!)

11. First Lawn Mowing of the Year

12. Vacuum both Cars and Do a Really Good Cleaning Inside and Out

13. Pack a Hospital Bag

14. Bank up Some Good Hours of Sleep

15. More fun One-on-One Time with Emma

16. Figure out Where to Put Baby Brother’s Clothes!

17. Transition Coat Closet Contents from Winter Back to Summer

18. Fix Piano Bench and Sew a Very Cute Seat Cushion to Top it With

19. Sew up the Moses Basket Pad for Baby Brother

20. Pick out the “Going Home from the Hospital” outfit

21. Revisit Emma’s Baby Book and Update a bit

22. Find a Baby book for Baby Brother and start to Write my thoughts

23.  Group Toys and Tiny Parts and re-distribute throughout the Toys boxes in the House.

24. Go Through Our Closet and Put Away Winter, Take out Summer Stuff…

25. Raking leaves, sandbox and swing set tune up, landscaping

Do you find your ‘to do’ list becoming a mile long?  I think it’s this weather…

P.S. I am getting so excited to Meet Baby.  What do you think he’ll look like?  Here are some of my ideas and this is what Emma has to say about each one when I asked her the question “Who is that Baby?”

“Baby Emma Hugging Momma” “Emma Jane Needs a Hug”:

“Baby Emma”:

next 2… “Baby Emma” “Momm’s so Funny”:

“Happy Baby”:

and finally… “Baby *******” She thinks this one is Baby Brother:   What a Cute Little Boy!


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