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May 11, 2011 / katelynb

Look at My Cute Headband + Baby Update: 36 Weeks!

When I say I have not spent any time crafting in the last few weeks, I mean it.  I have not jute-ed one thing, made one single hair accessory, turned on my sewing machine, NOTHING!  The craft room door has been closed because I didn’t even want to look in there and think about what I have been missing.  There has been so many other things going on in our day to day lives including me having zero energy after working part time and giving the little that I have to keeping the house cleaned and laundry kept up, spending some time outside, blogging here and there, and of course, getting things into shape for baby’s arrival.

Part of the reason I am so excited to show you what I did today was simply because I did something, and it was crafty!  Look at this adorable headband.  It cost me nothing because I had all the supplies lying around (fabric, beads, purple tulle, hot glue, headband, etc.):

I had to stick it on someone cute to model:

I threw it on for a picture too.  Sometimes a hair thing is just better than jewelry, especially on days spent at home in comfy clothes.  Can you tell I don’t generally touch my belly in public?  I felt really awkward doing it for this picture…

This one too…

Thanks for Reading!

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