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May 20, 2011 / katelynb

Emma learns “Latte” + Fun with Stamps!

The only thing better than an afternoon latte is one that you can make at home and not pay $4 for.  Emma loves to watch the process and has a special job of pushing buttons when we ask for her help.  She is really good about just pushing the button once and then standing back to watch.  She can identify coffee and understands what is in a coffee mug but yesterday we worked on the word “latte”.  I want to teach her the difference between black coffee, which we rarely do anymore and latte, which she sees us making with the machine… plus, it’s just so darn cute to hear her say it!

and there it goes…

the semi-finished product…

steamed milk with just the right amount of fluffy froth…


It’s so great to be able to enjoy one of these at home in the morning, afternoon, evening, whenever!

I picked up these great Melissa and Doug alphabet stamps (and washable ink pad) set at a garage sale last weekend and let Emma try them out tonight.  For only $2.50, it was a steal, she loves them!!

It’s fun to pull out something “new” .. (a term which you know is used rather loosely around our house) and then put it away for a while, then take it out a few days or weeks later and she is just as excited about it as the last time.  We do this with crayons, coloring books, the play food and blocks.  I really think that having too many toys available at once just gets overwhelming and I end up picking them up and finding them in odd places (under beds, in kitchen drawers, in the bathtub, etc.) more than they are actually played with.

So let me share a little something I’ve learned in my short 2 years of being a mom… Your little kiddies don’t care if things are brand new and usually end up destroying them eventually anyway so get your butt out to a garage sale and see what you can find on the cheap and bank up that money for the the teenage years when they’re more interested in your wallet than you. (Love you mom!!)


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