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May 29, 2011 / katelynb

More Great Garage Sale Finds + 38 weeks.

Emma Jane and I braved the rain the other day to get out of the house and visit some sales before my 38 week checkup.  There is a woman that lives relatively close to us that was having a “jackpot sale” … for those of you who don’t get it, I mean we hit the jackpot at this sale! – you know, the house that has all the right sizes and all the right prices, and your kid isn’t begging you to go, pulling things off tables or running out into the street while you are trying to shop –  one of those sales!

The woman runs (well, she retired this year) a daycare in her home and buys clothes from the parents of the kids and marks them to sell on her twice a year garage sales.  She also take her grandkid’s clothes and stores them most of the year, then pulls them out for the sale too!  She always has her garage clearly marked “BOY SALE” or “GIRL SALE” and depending on what time of year it is, she will sell only that gender of clothing… and lots of it!

Luckily for us, this time around was BOY SALE and we scored so many great little things for Baby Brother.  It really is hard to find good 2T and 3T clothing for kids at garage sales that are in good shape, I have come to find.  Poor Emma Jane!  She does get plenty of hand-me-downs from her 5 year old cousin Jordan though, so I’d say we come out about even.

Okay, on to the exciting news… if you are a true bargain hunter you will appreciate this so much more than if you weren’t – Two Words… BAG SALE!!!!  That’s right, she was having a BAG SALE! We paid $5 to fill a brown bag overflowing, seriously overflowing!!  We packed like 50 items in there for just $5!  Now you must remember, I am quite meticulous about the condition, style, etc. of the clothes I choose to buy at rummage sales so these are dynamite!  When there is such a large selection and things are marked low to sell, there is no good reason to choose clothes that are ratty-tatty and stained when you can pick up cute vintage-looking pieces and everyday sleepers and onesies for baby.  I just want to warn you right now, we’ve got some cute old school looking things for Baby Brother and I wish I had dressed Emma more like this when she was tiny, I’ll try to do better about that now.  It is just too cute!

Bonus – Emma found a bucket of sponges and scrub brushes for sale that kept her busy the whole time I shopped and chatted.  Surprisingly, she was more interested in cleaning the garage floor than she was in the two heaping boxes of stuffed animals marked 6 for $1.  Now how can I get here to scrub my floors at home?!

Here is a picture of our clothes pile:

and here is Emma Jane all ready for garage sale-ing:

Me at 38 weeks:

and one last little peek at a garage sale item I will post more about later…

Have you hit any “Jackpot Sales” lately?


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