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May 31, 2011 / katelynb

After the Storm + Shiny New Things.

Yesterday was cool and drizzly so we spent the day indoors at the pool.  When we left the hotel and got home at about 3 pm, the sun had come out and the it turned unbearably humid!   Later that evening, around 8 pm things started looking green and the clouds came rolling in.  This was followed by thunder, lightning, strong winds and a sudden down pour of rain!  We lost power at 9 pm and didn’t get it back until 6 am this morning!  Here is what we woke up to:

I feel very lucky because many areas of Fargo/Moorhead got hit worse than we did.  I’m not looking forward to the cleanup involved however.  The forecast says sun tomorrow so maybe if things dry up and it isn’t too windy, Emma and I will spend some time in the yard collecting sticks, moving branches and mowing the lawn… just in time for more rain expected the rest of the week.  Where the heck is summer?!

My Lia Sophia jewelry came this weekend!  I had a book party last month and got to choose a few things at a discounted price.  Here are the Enamel Earrings:

Won’t these look great with a jean jacket or summer dress and camel colored shoes? I have a feeling I will be wearing these often!  And here are my Jenny Earrings.  These are totally glamorous but not over the top or gaudy at all.  Love them !!!

I also got to do some thrifting yesterday while Tony entertained his nephew, Jack.  I found these great curtains to hang in the bedroom, originally from Pier One, I got two panels for $6.99.  We have two small windows in the bedroom so just hanging one over each windows works perfectly!  They look really great when the sun shines through them too, so warm and cozy!

I also picked up this great framed print for $6.99.  I’ve always adored theses vintage prints but hadn’t owned one until now.  It looks fantastic in our dining room and much to my surprise, Tony loves it too!

check out the frame; the cherry wood is the same as our dining room table and the silver matches our new light fixture… what luck!

This last thing is from Hornbacher’s floral department.  I was so excited to receive a $50 gift card as a prize for participating in Walk This Way 2011 through the City of Fargo.  I intended to buy a beautiful house plant but I never would have guessed the sweet price I would find this for.  It was marked down from $45 to $22.99 to $14.99 !!!

Have a good week friends!


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  1. Tony / May 31 2011 3:28 pm

    I didn’t know “Camel” was a color.

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