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June 8, 2011 / katelynb

Self Proclaimed Trashed Picker + We’re an AVENT Family.

I can’t help but get excited when I drive down a street and see it lined with trash cans.  I know, weird, but it means STUFF – free for the taking.  Now don’t start thinking I am a crazy dumpster diver that maps out what streets set out their garbage on which days and track what time the truck comes to take it away and keep that information on my fridge or anything. I’m not creepy, I’m thrifty!  I usually drive by and see big items like dressers and doors and entertainment stands up the wazoo – all things that are too big and heavy for me to haul home by myself, and I’m sure Tony appreciates that!  After a busy weekend for neighborhood garage sales I wasn’t surprised to see big trash piles in people’s driveways full of wonderful treasures the first few days of this week.  I picked up this adorable little shopping cart for Emma, while she snoozed in the backseat:

I carefully examined it before I threw it in the car to take home.  I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too cracked up or broken to the point of being non-usable or dirty enough where it wouldn’t come clean to use indoors.  I was pleased to find just a little dirtiness and one minor flaw, a broken handle.

My first thought was to just fix it with some screws at home, much like the ONE of four that was still there holding the thing together.  But after a bit more brainstorming, I wondered if it would be okay with some zip ties, I knew Tony had some at home he’d let me use.

Yay, they worked like a charm!  After a nice bath with some hot, soapy water and a quick rinse from the hose, the thing was as good as new and a nice little surprise for Ms. Emma later that night:

I also picked up some more of these AVENT cups yesterday after I almost had a crying fit about the Take and Toss sippy cups we are currently using.  She has some how managed to figure out how to remove the covers causing huge messes, many times a day leading to more frustration, more floor scrubbing and more laundry doing – yuck!  Totally not worth the hassel,  I knew we had to try something different, something I could throw in a bag and not worry about leaking, something that could fall off a table and not explode, something that could roll under a couch and be MIA for several hours and not result in a sticky puddle…

The very first cup that came to mind was the ONE sippy cup we’ve had from the very beginning, from AVENT.  Now, I’m not sure if this was gifted to us or something we picked out ourselves but it was for sure the best $7 or so that I have ever spent on anything baby related and I was excited to get some more.  This thing is amazing!  I’ve never had an issue with it leaking, even when it gets turned upside down in my purse… that fact alone is worth any amount of money!

The great thing about AVENT is that everything works together, bottles, cups, storage containers, training handles, pumps, everything and we’ve got it all!  This is our family’s brand of choice and I recommend it to anyone who was once in my shoes standing there in the baby aisle at Target with the scanner gun 8 months pregnant trying to put together a registry when you know nothing about babies.  It’s nice to know you’ll do better with Baby Number Two!

Hey local readers… The Baby Depot at Burlington Coat Factory is running a buy one get one 50% off Avent products right now.  I got two 2-packs – that’s 4 magic cups – for around $12.00!  Go out and get some!!!


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