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September 21, 2011 / katelynb

Early Bird Gets the Worm!

I love mornings like these spent tooling around the house in my pjs, clinging to my latte just trying to find something to do until the kids wake up and we start our day.  Tony woke up at 6 am with Sage and let me get another hour of shut eye- bless his heart, an hour later Sage was fed and back to bed.  Tony and I sat together and sipped our coffee and he enjoyed some scrambled eggs and hot dogs, a non-gourmet but creative breakfast if I do say so myself…

I just finished painting my nails and my last few sips of coffee and 8:00 and still no one is stirring, this is strange but amazing!  I think this is going to work to my advantage with the activities we have planned for today- a thrifting date and lunch with our dear friend Amanda at 10:30.  There is really nothing sweeter than the sound of the garbage truck outside and the furnace going and just feeling like you are a step ahead of the day instead of behind.  Can you believe I even have time to blog? I am seriously living the dream!  Well enough of my banter, I really want to sneak downstairs quick and start on a sewing project before I have to get Emma her usual breakfast, yogurt with “crunchies”.  In adult speak: granola, and start a movie.  This is her normal morning routine, it gives her a chance to wake up a little.

I will leave you with some unrelated pictures:

First, I made this cute little candy jar to give to one of the nieces or nephews for their birthday.  With so many occasions to celebrate (30 cousins on the Breidenbach side) it is nice to have some gifts to just pull from my stash.

cute, right? here is the breakdown-

glass jar: thrifted for $1.79 (I picked up 4 of them)

bow: (I made this from ribbon I got at a rummage sale this weekend $1.00 for 5 yards)

candy: FREE from the WF Parade this weekend!

I’ve just got to make a cute tag to either stick on the top of the jar or on the side and we are set!

At Our House, we love cheese!  I had to laugh when I showed this picture to Jordan.  She thought it was so funny and said “Where did you get that big piece of pretend cheese?” Little did she know it was REAL cheese and this is really how we like to buy our cheese — HUGE!  I love cheese so much in fact, if I could find it in a wheel, I would buy the whole wheel, maybe someday if there are more of us we could make that happen.  It’s all about goals right?

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. Melissa H. / Sep 21 2011 3:16 pm

    HAHA I love the cheese picture! I too wouldn’t have believed it was real either. That is a ton of cheese! 🙂

  2. rena / Sep 21 2011 10:54 pm

    what a relaxing way to start a day. maybe I’ll try it.

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