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September 22, 2011 / katelynb

We Caught the Cat + More Thrifty Finds + My Cute Kids!

We have, or I should say HAD a cat problem at our house for a few weeks now.  There was an orange stray cat that was laying on our doorstep, getting into our garbage, relaxing on our patio and pooping in our sandbox!  I tried what felt like every possible way to get rid of it – scared it by shouting, chased it with a bucket of water, threatened it with my words… nothing seemed to work.  Finally I called the Police Station and arranged to pick up a humane trap to catch the darn thing.  I was tired of picking up garbage it has scattered across the lawn, shooing it away from the door and mostly sifting poo out of the sandbox every time we wanted to play out back.

I set the trap in the morning and loaded it up with a little leftover shrimp I found in the fridge from dinner the night before.  The cat must have been interested because Tony found it trapped in the cage later that evening.  He said it was mad and struggled to set itself free, then finally calmed down and was taken away cage and all by the west Fargo police.  I’m not sure what exactly will happen to the cat but it did not have a collar or tags so it must have been a stray or belonged to someone who didn’t really give a rat’s patootie (pun definitely intended!)  It is not my wish for this cat to be euthanized or hurt in anyway so if this cat belongs to you or you want to adopt a cat, please go get this little guy and give him a loving home.  With the cold weather rolling in, he would have either starved or froze to death or made a home in our garage or under the deck I can only assume.

On a more cheerful note, I was so excited when my mom friend, Amanda asked me on a day time kids included thrifting date yesterday.  Immediately I invited my other great mom friend, Alissa and we met in the morning to find some deals.  Here are a few of the treasures I brought home:

How sweet is that?!  A vintage Nintendo trunk for Tony to hide all of this controllers and games and others junk things in. I snagged it for only $3.99!

I am always on the lookout for crafting materials when I thrift because #1 – they are way cheaper than the craft store like yarn for .99! #2 – they have things I never would have even thought to look for or never would have intended on buying, #3 – when we play like we do and end up ruining things the first or second time we use them (Emma destroyed a stamp pad last time we did stampers. good thing i got it for a little more than a quarter!) I don’t mind tossing them out for the tiny price we payed.  I am grooming her to be a thrifty crafter just like me.

Take a look at these cool things:

I didn’t buy these, I made them! here is the price and material breakdown on these babies:

colored jute (how am I so lucky?!): .50 per roll x 3 colored rolls = $1.50

pit balls (like the ones at McDonald’s): bag of 40 found on Craigslist = $2.00

hot glue: already had some of this laying around so = $FREE

I love projects that I can start and finish in like 10 minutes, so many ideas for these awesome little balls like throwing a bunch in a wire basket or a big clear glass jar or a pretty bowl on a shelf. (Thanks for the inspiration, mom!) I Can’t wait to try out some of my brown jute as well, plain strands, braided… the possibilities are endless!

And now finally some pictures of the kids…  I am convinced the number of activities and fun things we do throughout the week is contributing to Emma’s positive attitude and decision to cooperate most always.  Who ever thought bedtime would be such a breeze? Love her and Baby Sage SO MUCH!

Have a Good Day!


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