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September 26, 2011 / katelynb

My Momma Told Me There’d Be Days Like This.

After a busy, busy weekend and an eventful Monday morning this is what our house looks like:

getting pretty low on wine, Sunday paper still needs to be read a little closer, and library dvds to return:

a diaper bag and a purse that need to be cleaned out and reorganized before we leave the house again.  I think they each weigh about 20 pounds so if nothing else, I am getting a workout with them!  If you’re looking at my fabulous “coach” wallet please know I payed $4 at a thrift store so I am doubting it is real, don’t be jealous.  The purse I got at Goodwill for $9, it is a Target reject. The Green Bag I have had forever from Limited, I still remember i got it on clearance for less than $10.  It has seen me through college as a book bag and through 2 babies as a diaper tote… love that thing!

aww… our bed is literally dumping grounds for everything:

and more laundry. I swear it is hiding in every corner of every room in the house:

and here I have been sitting for the past hour and a half shelling edamame and blogging while the children sleep:

When they wake up I think we’ll play outside 🙂


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