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September 29, 2011 / katelynb

Thursday in the Windy City.

Today is unbelievably windy and cool… I told you this North Dakota weather is unpredictable! I guess Mother Nature has a little sense of humor trying to trick us into believing it was summer again… The streets here are beautiful lined with crunchy red and gold leaves blowing in the wind when you drive by – just gorgeous!

Today is Thursday and that means Playgroup at the YMCA!  We love playgroup because there are tons of kids and parents and everyone is just free to run from station to station and play for a while.  Emma enjoyed snacks, apple pie scented play doh, the sand table, foam puzzles, dress up and baby dolls and the best part, the skate park and bouncy house!  It is so awesome to just wear Sage, who is usually sleeping in the baby Bjorn and let Emma run wild.  She comes to check in once in a while but is usually happy to explore for herself and pop in and play with the other kids.  Last week she threw a tantrum when we had to go but this week she grabbed my hand and just said “Let’s go, Mom” … easy enough for me!

This afternoon while Sage did this:

and Emma did this:

I updated the cabinet hardware:

Cute, huh?  Just a dollar each at Michael’s this week!  You should go get some for yourself.

Happy Thursday!



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