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October 15, 2011 / katelynb

I’ve Been a Bad Blogger!

Holy Moly I have not blogged in a while!  Here are some pictures of our week:

two quarters + 1 yard (clearance fabric from Joann $3) + hot glue = This awesome fabric covered cork board for my craft room!

more fabric I got with 40% off coupon.  I intend to cover the lamp shade and make a padded seat for the piano bench we fixed last weekend, but I will have to go back and get more of this fabric.  I thought 1 yard was enough to cover the lamp shade but it is too big… this is a good thing!  Will post pictures of these projects when they’re done.

We had friends for dinner last weekend.  Tony made an amazing German meal, I drank too much wine, we played a friendly game of Scruples, and our guests brought dessert:

more jumpy fun in the Jumperoo:

crafted a Pottery Barn knockoff Candle holder.  This basically cost me the price of the glass vase (.50 thrifted?)

Tony scores major points for thinking up a sensory project to keep Emma entertained:

fun with apple slices:

I’m trying to sneak fun into everything:

something the kids can agree on – Baby Einstein videos!

In preparation for cousin Cole’s football game last night, we did a project:

Emma was adorable waving this flag at the game:

this is a typical afternoon at our house:

Emma is still into diapering everything:

sadly, this is one of the only pictures I got from the game.  I spent most of it warm in the car with Sage.  Perfection!


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