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October 20, 2011 / katelynb

Birthday Party + Grandmas and Grandpas + So Much More.

I have so much to catch up on!  We had a tremendous weekend visiting my family in Sauk Rapids and lots of fun this week at home.  Take a look:

Here we are at my Mom and Dad’s house playing a friendly game of “pin the spider on the web” … a game I created quickly the night before we celebrated Jordan’s 6th birthday.  I can barely believe how old she is already, I remember the day she was born!

We ran into a few interruptions since I placed the web on the backside of the door leading to the garage.  It didn’t help much that my dad had no idea what was going on when he opened the door and saw Tony walking toward him blindfolded and arms out… Ha!

I took a shot at it:

so did the birthday girl:

Grandpa Moey, Grandma Rena and Yaga came to the house for lunch too.  Grandpa Moey loves his First Great Grandson (4th great grand child):

and so does Grandma Rena! (3rd great grand child)  She was busy with a baby on her lap recording the gift opening portion of the celebration when we moved over to Country Manor to be together with Sue:

Grandpa Mike Lights the candles:

and Jordan makes a special wish:

a little family photo opp before we busted out of there in hopes to get Emma down for a nap:

and a nice squeeze from Grandpa:

then more celebrating later!  It had been so long since we’d seen my family that I came bearing gifts for Mom (birthday 8/24) Emily (9/5) Jordan (10/7) AND Dad (10/31) !!  He opened his gift that night.  Lotto tickets but not big winners:

Later that night the kids snuggled up together under blankets on the floor with Grandma while Tony saw a friend in town and Emily and I went out for some sister time.  Poor little Sage was the Turkey in the Middle!

More recently, Emma enjoyed an apple snack with caramel dip and a cute hair bow which is actually a baby bow tie from one of Sage’s outfits:

Here’s a closer look at that cute thing.  I’m thinking about clipping it to a chain and wearing it myself, as a necklace…

The kids and I hit up the thrift store yesterday afternoon.  Sage was very good, he just enjoyed being held and looking around at things.  Emma was great too, she loves to pick things up and hug them and touch things and bring them over to me and show me.  She loves to dig in bins!  She is a perfect thrifting partner and the best part… she doesn’t get attached!  She has no problem saying goodbye and putting whatever neat thing she found back on the shelf. Thank goodness for that, otherwise we would be going home with armloads of stuffed animals each time, yuck!  Here is a look at some of the things we found:

Now don’t get confused, this is NOT Santa Claus!  What a great Halloween Costume for him, eh?  Grabbed this cutie for just $2.99  This weekend I will have to work on at hat.

10” embroidery hoop for .69 (thrift stores always have TONS of these!) and knitting needles too if you are into that sort of thing.  I am using this as the base for the mobil I am making.

and last but not least, a brand new pair of Naturalizers for $4 !!!

these are so dang cute the deserve another picture:

oh yeah, I almost forgot about my cute vintage earrings that are soaking in peroxide as we speak, each pair was just .49:

Have a Happy Thursday!

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  1. Alissa Preuss / Oct 20 2011 8:56 am

    Emboridery hoop mobile huh? What are you going to put on it? I did dinos on Eriks and he
    loves his STILL!

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